Autumn Buds

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It's the last day of September (birthday month starts tomorrow!) and four of my orchids are getting new buds. I always get excited when this happens.

Edward and I are leaving for the Smokey Mountains tomorrow, so there will be a new post with pictures from the road trip when we get back next week. Also, here's another orchid shot and a picture of me with my beloved camera, Francis, this morning.


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Pictures from my afternoon drive by the bluffs:


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In August I: went on a spontaneous road trip to Michigan with a friend, said goodbye to my best friend who moved away, went camping at Mark Twain National Forest with Edward and I am going to be starting back up with my classes at Wash U tomorrow (two more semesters!).

How to Travel When You Have No Money

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An afternoon project I did. Sometimes when I am feeling bored and riddled with wanderlust I get on Google Maps and "drive" around cities I have loved or never been to. It gave me the idea for this series because the internet provides us with a (not perfect but better than nothing) way to travel when we have no money to or simply can't get away.

I spent a lot of time picking out the places/images that were used in the screenshots.

It's now the front page gallery on this site here so go check it out if you wish.


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In July I: was readmitted to Wash U (one more year until graduation!), completed my summer classes, went to a family reunion here in St Louis (and intentionally left my camera at home), watched fireworks with Edward on the 4th of July, made a little story through pictures of buildings that have been significant in Edward & my relationship, bought Lena a ridiculous dress (pictured below) and started getting back into yoga.

My Wash U classes start up in about a month. I am excited for them to start but also nervous. I've been on leave from school for such a long time. I hope it's like that riding a bicycle thing...


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In June I did several photoshoots, started my summer classes, dyed my hair back to its natural darker blonde, had a photograph in a show at the Regional Arts Commission, went to a handful of art museums with Edward, had some work done on my tattoo sleeve, started making my own coffee table art books from printed images and double-sided tape & took a quick trip to Chicago with Edward.


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Some photographs I took over the past month. May included - among other things - a road trip to Hot Springs, moving into a new home, photoshoots, writing a few poems, going swimming for the first time in ages & redoing this website.