Kait Mauro is a photographer, writer and artist. Her photographic work has appeared in Huffington Post, A&S Magazine, Blue Monday Review, Broken Light Collective and Armour Magazine. Her "Bipolar Series" was featured on the front page of Wordpress.com and was shown in two exhibitions in New York City. Her writing has been published on Feministing, MindBodyGreen and on the Sam Fox School of Art & Design website. She is a blogger for the International Bipolar Foundation. Her poetry has been published in Kalkion, The Bookends Review, Camroc Press Review, Editor's Eye, Cur.ren.cy Literary Magazine and Danse Macabre du Jour. She has worked as a photographer for the Missouri Botanical Garden, the Endangered Wolf Center, The Riverfront Times and Washington University in St. Louis. Raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she lives in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Contact: Kaitmauro@gmail.com