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Saint Louis

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Here are a few snapshots from our trip to Saint Louis this weekend so we could see friends, retrieve a table and I could see my psychiatrist (he has to legally see me at least twice a year in person to be able to keep prescribing my meds). It was a fun trip and our AirBNB apartment was beautiful. We didn't get to spend quite as much time with friends as we'd hoped because they were stuck working most of the time but the time we spent with them was fun. Edward got sick while we were there though, poor Edward, and I caught what he had on my 25th birthday (Saturday), so it was a subdued birthday weekend with much body aching and my fever going up and down so I was shivering under two sweaters, two pairs of pants and three blankets in perfectly fine weather for hours. It's not been fun. I haven't had a fever tonight for the first night in three nights though so that's progress. Hopefully I'll be feeling back to normal soon. Last year I was super depressed for much of October, including on my birthday, and I'll gladly take being sick on my birthday over being depressed.

I have my midterm for drawing tomorrow and I'm a little bit anxious about it but it should be fine (I hope). Some of the drawings in my portfolio aren't completely finished but hopefully my teacher will be okay with that. I really am trying my best.